SHAME   We are hearing  so much about  PPE and not the Oxford sort .  My grandson is working in Sainsbury's  - a  basic wage job , until Uni restarts  -we hope. He is classified as a front line worker - and with all its cash Sainsbury is not supplying  ANY protecticve clothing . I dont mean the full scrub of course but there are no gloves and no masks provided .  Henry's  young work group are in the  store by  4 am  . Their job is to  pack click and collect food orders  many for shoppers who are self isolating  because they have covid 19 symptoms  or are vulnerable . And still this multi million store cannot  supply their young  (mostly students) early morning team with gloves and masks My grandson supplies his own gloves and I have ordered a sturdy mask from France ,hoping it arrives soon . Meanwhile his Mum ,my daughter has bought several disposable masks which she found in a small pharmacy - by chance .  Again we were clapping tonight not only for our dedicated NHS

My First Blog

Hello and welcome to my blog,     my first one     But I must first level with anyone who is a Monarchist. I am a Republican- not the Trump sort but an old fashioned British Republican;   a devoted anti Royal,   especially in our modern world -   whether its Saxe- Coburg Gotha or   their assumed invented name Windsor or   even Glücksberg , Philip’s   real German family name .I cannot understand why so many Brits persist in an infantile belief in Santa Claus and fairyland, and Princes and Princesses   and castles ! Why do we support a bunch of unemployed, untrained to the tune of £250,000 000 a year! It has to be the highest unemployment benefit in the world. But stop I am not railing only against this useless family but against the whole concept of non elected monarchy. Far better to elect Sir David Attenborough for example as President – he wouldn’t need five palaces , - probably rent an office in   the Natural History Museum   for four years or for however long we, the peopl