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Hello and welcome to my blog,   my first one  
 But I must first level with anyone who is a Monarchist. I am a Republican- not the Trump sort but an old fashioned British Republican;  a devoted anti Royal,  especially in our modern world -  whether its Saxe- Coburg Gotha or  their assumed invented name Windsor or  even Glücksberg, Philip’s  real German family name .I cannot understand why so many Brits persist in an infantile belief in Santa Claus and fairyland, and Princes and Princesses  and castles !
Why do we support a bunch of unemployed, untrained to the tune of £250,000 000 a year! It has to be the highest unemployment benefit in the world.

But stop I am not railing only against this useless family but against the whole concept of non elected monarchy. Far better to elect Sir David Attenborough for example as President – he wouldn’t need five palaces , - probably rent an office in  the Natural History Museum  for four years or for however long we, the people ,want to keep him there.
I wonder why the Health Minister in Scotland lost her job for visiting her second home in Fyffe? The Queen didn’t get a slapped wrist for scarpering off pronto to  Sandringham, or Charlie for bolting to Balmoral. He   managed to get a COVID 19 test too even though I personally question the need if he had no more than a light cough. For a guy who has been so spoiled and kicks up quite a fuss if his valet puts toothpaste on his toothbrush the wrong way round ,similarly  his socks ,and  woe betide  a valet who gets Charlie’s medals wrong on all the dressing up uniforms. He has two boiled eggs placed before him at breakfast and eats only the perfectly cooked one The other one ?Dogs probably. And this all true. Of course he is going to demand a test? Funny, his lady wife hasn’t picked it up.

How serious is the royals’ allegiance to the realm?  So many really vital contributors to the nation’s current well being, nurses and doctors have died through lack of testing and lack of PPE. Apart from the money we give the Windsor Glücksbergs, they have vast personal fortunes,  inherited, or made for them by their clever investors. What a great gesture and validation of their support for the country  it would be if  HM could have  donated a chunk to the NHS  in the country’s hour of great need ?For Ventilators? PPE.? A piece of Buck House ? (600 rooms) , or Sandringham /Balmoral/Holyrood / Highgrove House /Kensington Palace . Beds for the homeless? Field Hospitals? The choice is so great and so much room no royal would have to share a duvet!

I am bemused with all this gush about the so called ‘brilliant’ speech made by HM . My question is WHY did she bother or more realistically why could she not tailor the words given to her?
For me  it was boringly mundane and uninspiring .HM cant help it. There is no animation . We’ll meet again? To whom is she referring? Who will meet who? No thanks – give me Vera every time. The sycophants   ‘Aaw  in she lovely  ‘and equally some news commentators were  sickophantic  (my new spelling) in their OTT hyperbole

No sorry – The status quo will surely have to change.
In her new Easter message , (again why??) hot on the heels of her last, HM has stated ‘we shall overcome the virus’ - - with our ‘resolve ;’and all similar hollow words . So who is WE , the royal plural ?And whose RESOLVE? Is it  HM? Her family?  Not likely!  Our NHS will do it– and curiously there is no practical help on offer from this mega wealthy family who take  all the nation donates and give nothing  back except pics to  ‘HELLO Magazine . A donation would help the NHS and  help speed up vaccine production.A 10% wage cut would do nicely. Little wonder the family head of this kept group makes only placatory utterances. Most would be embarrassed to own so many gilded palaces and robust untaxed bank accounts,  in the midst of our national catastrophe
Bravo to the Duke of Grosvenor a rich guy  who has not allowed money to stand in his way . He has just given £10,000000 to the NHS

Drop a line if you agree –if not please don’t bother.

PS There is a very good eye-opening short film which explains how Charlie inherited £21,000000 last year just from the Duchy of Cornwall . What obscenity, knowing of the thousands of homeless who live on our streets in all weathers. What price conscience eh?

YOU TUBE ‘The man who shouldn’t be King’  

Liz Morgan


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