We are hearing  so much about  PPE and not the Oxford sort . 

My grandson is working in Sainsbury's  - a  basic wage job , until Uni restarts  -we hope.

He is classified as a front line worker - and with all its cash Sainsbury is not supplying  ANY protecticve clothing . I dont mean the full scrub of course but there are no gloves and no masks provided .  Henry's  young work group are in the  store by  4 am  . Their job is to  pack click and collect food orders  many for shoppers who are self isolating  because they have covid 19 symptoms  or are vulnerable . And still this multi million store cannot  supply their young  (mostly students) early morning team with gloves and masks My grandson supplies his own gloves and I have ordered a sturdy mask from France ,hoping it arrives soon . Meanwhile his Mum ,my daughter has bought several disposable masks which she found in a small pharmacy - by chance .

 Again we were clapping tonight not only for our dedicated NHS but for the background infra structure , for young people like Henry that keep us alive . He believes he is doing his bit ,giving his contribution to our devastated nation . I am proud of him for that sentiment . The same cannot  be said for the mega store  that is surreptitiously  addng pennies to  the cost of our food ,but cannot supply gloves and mask to its front line workers .Shame on you Sainsbury!

Another  burden  of shame  falls upon the Government . It makes one weep to see  NHS workerrs from surgeons to nurses, support staff  and drivers who have lost their lives  because  of an inept government , who started too late in their preparedness  for COVID 19 and actually refused  to join forces  with Eurppean countries. We have learnt it was a poitical decision and there was no lost email between governments. What twaddle! Another lie hits the dust like so many others  over the last two months

In about five  years time  we could  see  an interesting court case headlined either as a Documentary or  TV play


The loss of someone very dear  leaves us  distraught with unimaginable  grief . The joy of living disolves  into nothing,  vanishing in our tears.

But to lose a loved one through sheer ineptitude,  that grief that could  morph  easily into a fiece anger. Multiply ths by the dozens of  caring medical staff failed by  a chaotic supply  system, and it could ignite such a charge being brought.  When emotions run high no one can predict yea or nay. We shall have to wiat and see.

Keep safe !

Liz Morgan



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